Definition of Basecamp

noun. a main encampment providing supplies, shelter, and communications for persons engaged in wide-ranging activities, as exploring, reconnaissance, hunting, or mountain climbing or applying to college.

38 Minutes Isn’t Enough

Thirty-eight minutes is the average time a public high school student receives in direct conversation with a school counselor about the college admission process with their school’s counselor. Six out of ten students will not receive a single conversation. Many families are left to simply figure out this process on their own.


We understand that the transition between high school and college is a pivotal moment for a student and their family, and we are here to help. Too often, the college admission process is stressful, time consuming and convoluted. Families from all backgrounds struggle to know how to approach the process, how to maximize scholarship dollars, and how to determine which college is the right fit for their student. There is confusion about deadlines, which rounds of admission to apply to, which schools will offer the best outcomes and which schools are worth the cost of attendance. If you are considering more selective institutions, pursuing an athletic or performing arts scholarship or enrollment in a military academy there are additional challenges to overcome. You don’t have to do this alone!

A Team-Based Approach

We believe that navigating the college admission process is best done by having guides who know you--the student. Many college counseling services only provide you with access to a single individual. Our program is different – it is intentionally designed to provide you with a team of experts who want to see you grow and find the right fit. We work closely with students and families as early as their sophomore year. High school should be about high school, but the choices made during those critical years significantly impact college choices and opportunities. Starting earlier with students allows for us to have open conversations and maximize opportunities.


We recognize that this isn’t right for everyone, so we offer a variety of entry points to our services. From beginning a counseling relationship in the fall of a student’s senior year, having a single coaching session or even getting feedback on an essay, we allow students and families to utilize our services in ways that best fit their needs. 


Students who opt for full services will receive one-on-one counseling from a college counselor. All members of our team have high levels of college counseling experience and/or are former admission officers at selective institutions. Through our counseling process students will learn more about themselves and the menu of options available to them, participate in guided research, receive support during the application process and be able to access advising about their college choice and the enrollment process once they gain admission. This is done through a combination of in-person and online meetings, guided research through online software, phone calls, and a short-term, goal-oriented planning session designed to make the process more fun and exciting, while removing stress and anxiety. We also provide step-by-step online lessons that allow a student to work through this process at their own pace.

Who We Serve

We begin working with students as early as their Freshman year or as late as fall of their senior year. Our team will work with your family to design a comprehensive package that makes sense for the student’s needs and that will work with your financial situation.

Basecamp College Counseling is a social enterprise initiative of Peak Education. Both programs strive to increase college opportunity and access for all– regardless of zip code and income level. Basecamp College Counseling utilizes proceeds to ensure that students from lower socio-economic backgrounds in Colorado Springs also receive quality college counseling. When you work with Basecamp college counseling you are not only receiving great college counseling services, you are helping to ensure other students and families from across the Pikes Peak region gain the support they need to be able to reach their potential as well.