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Our Approach

38 minutes is the average time a public high school student receives in direct conversation about the college admission process. Six out of ten students will not receive a single conversation. Our program is different – it is intentionally designed to provide you with a team of experts who want to see you grow and find the right fit. We work closely with students and families as early as their sophomore year in high school. Starting earlier with students allows for us to have open conversations and maximize opportunities. We also provide step- by- step online courses that allow a student and their family to begin this process at their own pace. 


Helping Others Reach New Heights 

Basecamp College Counseling is a social enterprise initiative of Peak Education. When you work with Basecamp college counseling you are not only receiving great college counseling services, you are also helping to ensure other students and families from across the Pikes Peak region gain the support they need to be able to reach their potential as well.


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